Although vacations are usually about making memories, seeing sights, and relaxing in the outdoors surrounded by some form of nature – no rule says you can’t have a good time just browsing and purchasing your way through the local stores. In Phuket, this is doubly true, whether it’s a shopping mall or a unique shop with some fascinating curios in store. Building experiences through retail is a thing – so let’s get started.

Jungceylon Shopping Complex

Jungceylon Shopping Complex | Image by Karelj via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.5 DEED

Massive, colorful, and full of the variety that has come to be expected of any shopping mall in the world, the Jungceylon complex is home to some of the biggest name brands in the world. With a reputation as one of the largest shopping destinations, the complex has everything from international clothing labels to the latest in electronic devices – as well as a cinema, bowling alley, and food court with various cuisines under its belt.

Thalang Walking Street

A world unto its own, the Walking Street on Thalang Road is an institution – a full half-kilometre of cultures like the Chinese, Indian, Muslim, and of course Thai. Here, you can expect to see the Phuket shopping culture in its untouched glory, with local handicrafts and cultural specialties around every corner, making it a great choice to spend the day with most Karon beach hotels in Phuket.

Chillva Night Market

This trendy Phuket location is a fascinating find. Mostly active once the sun sets, the impressive selection of apparel and dining exudes a vibe all of its own, designed uniquely through shopping containers to give a Bohemian atmosphere that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the world. Coupled with the music and other artful presentations, one should never shy away from visiting this spot if they can.

Indy Market

Life breathes in every corner of this unique sellers market, where many locals come to barter and enjoy the atmosphere of the lively trade and musical environment, as life performances peek around the area. The prices are much lower than one would expect, and the bright personalities make it an enjoyable session to go through. Its central location makes it easy to visit from accommodations like the Jono X Karon Phuket, so try to stop by and visit.