Hair conditioners can be the answer for many who suffer from dry or frizzy hair. But apart from knowing of its existence, it is also important to know how to use it.

What is it?

Everyone may have seen conditioners at stores such as uStore. They may even know that conditioners are used after shampooing one’s hair. However, not many would know what a conditioner is or how it works. Well, as its name suggests, hair conditioners contain moisturising ingredients such as oils and emollients that add moisture to the hair. It also helps to lock this moisture in and make the hair more soft.

Types of Conditioners

Various conditioners are marketed to different needs. For instance, leave-in conditioners are catered for the curly-haired girls as it is a water-based product. Therefore, it is not meant to be washed away. But deep conditioners on the other hand are meant to be left on the hair for under 30 minutes. That is because they contain concentrated ingredients that are more suitable for damaged hair.

How to Use Conditioner?

Conditioners are typically applied to hair after washing off shampoo. But unlike shampoo, conditioner is not meant to be applied on the scalp. It is only meant for the length of the hair.  Whether you need to wash the conditioner or not depends on the type of conditioner you are using.

Benefits of Conditioning

By adding moisture back to hair, conditioners reduce the dryness that shampoos can cause. Thereby it also helps to control frizzy hair as it reduces the negative electrical charge that is found on the hair. As a result, hair would look more shiny and feel smooth to the touch. So make sure that you find the best conditioner in Sri Lanka that matches your hair type and unlock the secret to beautiful hair!