Doha is known for its many attractive markets that are popularly called souqs. These are public places where large crowds both local and foreign come to do their daily as well as random shopping. The souqs in Doha, Qatar are very colourful and vibrant with diverse products from different parts of the world sold in them at unbeatable prices. When you plan your shopping in Doha, don’t forget to add at least one souq to visit to do your shopping. While most souqs in the famous city are popular and attract large crowds, one souq tends to stand out from the rest for various reasons.

The Souq Waqif is truly a “standing market” as the name denotes with complex shopping styles and trends seen that are quite different from most other souqs in town. This open air market is located in the centre of the bustling city near The Corniche along the seafront of Doha. The appealing public area of this market runs up to few blocks making it one of the biggest marketplaces that can be seen in Doha. It boasts some of the best restaurants in Doha seen in the neighbourhood situated within easy reach of luxurious accommodation options such as Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels.

Long ago, the Bedouins who used to live in the desert areas, travelled to this souq to engage in selling their animals and wool that made Souq Waqif one of the exceptional markets people would visit from all over the country for their purchase requirements. It was renovated with a new design and model bringing to life some of the most attractive architectural styles not seen in most other souqs in Doha. It is a lovely and lively place to spend a night sitting out at a café sipping a hot cup of coffee after doing your rounds inside the souq to fulfil your shopping obligations.

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