Melbourne, Australia is so much more than trendy stores, Gen Z hipsters in Y2K clothes and fancy coffee. The city is known for being quite eclectic and adventurous, making it the perfect place for hunting down the rarest antiques. Here are some of the best places to collect some funky pieces.

The Junk Company

This is the best place to amp up your vintage cred; The Junk Company offers a large collection of iconic pieces from the iconic eras, curated to satisfy the eccentric in you. You can find funky furniture, music, toys, personal memorabilia like powder compacts, and even militaria. Their collection is also available online.

Lost and Found Market

You can spend hours walking through these massive hallways, looking at 1000mworth of furniture, books, records, and rare vintage fashion pieces. This warehouse has over 60 antique dealers, with an eclectic range of collectables from each era. Make sure you schedule a whole day for this run as you’re sure to leave with something you’ll love.

Smith Street Bazaar

Vintage lighting in Smith street Bazaar | Image via rawpixel

If you find great hotel specials in Melbourne and decide to have a blissful vacation in a hotel like WRAP on Southbank this antiquing gem is just 17mins away. Run by 12 of the best vintage design traders in the city, Smith Street Bazaar is your top place to be if you’re digging the retro Danish aesthetic. You can find gorgeously sleek furniture and stunning vintage lighting here.

How Bazaar

Does that white wall need an eccentric splash of color? Head down to the How Bazaar and you can choose from many different artworks, centerpieces, and furniture from all eras. The countless isles here are filled with iconic pieces of glassware, jewelry, furniture, and clothes, you’ll have a hard time leaving.