Sri Lanka’s metropolis, Colombo is full of delightful surprises. Pavements piled with bright coloured clothes and shiny avocados are a common sight, while high rise buildings and department stores are adding glitz to the cityscape. Thus, whatever your needs might be, Colombo has it all! It is only a matter of hiring a tuk (trishaw) and cruising through the congested roads of Colombo. While engaging in this shopping adventure, you could get some rest at one of the Sri Lanka resorts or hotels in the city. Located in the centre of the commercial capital, The Steuart by Citrus Leisure would prove to be a comfortable temporary home. From the windows of your hotel, you would spot many distracting sights that would beckon to any shopaholic.

Pettah, is in the centre of Colombo and it is here that you would find countless rows of shops filled with sarees, fabrics, cosmetics and even edible items. Bargaining in this area is permissible. It is also comforting to know that the vendors are extremely friendly and accommodating. However, it is not the ideal place to enjoy a peaceful and sweat-free shopping experience! Pettah is an excitement-filled shopping district. It is also the perfect place for inexpensive shopping.

If impeccable clothes, shoes and cosmetics are what you are looking for, shop at ODEL, The Arcade or even at The Majestic City. ODEL is the ultimate department store that caters for the needs of many. Quality clothing, accessories, bath goodies and homeware are available. The atmosphere is also suitable for a long day of shopping. The Arcade which is situated in close proximity to the Independence Square must be visited if you are looking out for branded clothes, perfumes, watches and shoes. It is a shopper’s paradise. Majestic City, or simply MC is also an interesting place to visit. You are sure to find lots that will interest you.If you are in Colombo you must shop, shop, and shop some more!

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