The Philippines is a rising star in world travel, and the nation’s tourism sector contributes to seven percent of the country’s economy. The country is a tropical wonderland and its rich biodiversity as well as lush landscapes attract a lot of travellers. There’s many a hotel in Manila Philippines to be found as well, with choices such as the Berjaya Makati Hotel.

One thing that is overlooked about the Philippines is the sheer fascination the nation has with shopping malls. At least three of the biggest shopping malls in the world are found in this nation. Many of the malls within the city of Manilla are described as ‘mini cities’ due to the many commodities and entities that are present within the mall. Recently, many religious occurrences such as Sunday mass are being held at malls such as Robinsons.

These air-conditioned sanctuaries that also function as monuments to consumerism provide ideal places for the populace to escape the daily grind as well as the harsh tropical heat, and families tend to spend entire days at these malls. They would arrive in the morning, have breakfast at one of the many cafes, and then indulge in some shopping till lunch-time. There are many eateries that provide buffets during lunch-hours, and after eating their fill families can head to a Cineplex to watch one of the latest blockbusters. Once the movie is over it would be evening.

The range of items to be found at these malls is overwhelming, ranging from fashion to electronics and everything in between. The SM Mall, for example, is the third largest in the world and has everything from high-end department stores to bargain-stores.
The Philippines is one incredible nation with plenty to offer, but if you’re a shopper at heart, then this tropical paradise is bound to offer an unprecedented retail-therapy experience.


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