Bangkok, Thailand is one of the world famous tour destinations for any and all travellers who love shopping. The city itself is capable of amazing the spectators with its glorious view, taking a stride along the waterway in an enchanting Chao Phraya cruise. This special voyage is a luxury offered uniquely to the visitors of Bangkok city by well-organized cruise companies such as Anantara Cruises. Once you have savored the beauty of ancient Thailand culture and its historic buildings, you will turn towards the better purpose of your tour to Bangkok, which most likely is to shop, shop and shop till you drop.

With its supreme shopping complexes such as the Central World, Bangkok city never fails to give the ultimate shopping experience to its visitors. Apart from being the largest shopping mall in Thailand, Central World Bangkok is well known as a one-stop shop among those who know how and where to shop. It stores basically any item that you might want to buy, starting from branded clothing to designer home ware including couture dresses, beauty products, clothing accessories, kitchen utensils, chinaware, furniture and electrical equipment. What is more interesting to see is how the designers of this shopping complex have created the shopping street impression inside the mall, giving a more lively and enjoyable nature to the shopping experience.

If you worry you might run out of cash, go hungry or get bored of shopping even if it is very rare to happen in the real world of shoppers, there is a solution for any of your problems within the Central World itself. There is a good lineup of banks, a decent list of cafes and diners and a choice of entertaining activities such as cinemas, health and fitness centres, beauty salons, spas and even ice- skating rinks. The kids’ zone supervised by in-house staff including the Genius Planet Zone and Thailand Knowledge Park is a relief to the parents.

Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.