Shenzhen which links Hong Kong to China’s mainland is a well-known shopping destination with several shopping malls and local shops. If any of you think shopping in Hong Kong is cheap, shop once in Shenzhen and realize it’s the cheapest ever.

Shopping in Shenzhen

Places to Shop in Shenzhen

An intense shopping experience

Luohu Commercial City which is located close to many furnished apartments in Shenzhen is the best if your desire is to shop for everything. There are over 700 shops set over 5 floors and you find the best clothing and tailored suites at cheap prices.

Shopping for electronics

For a visitor staying at Ascott Maillen Shenzhen, the best place to buy electronics and computer goods is not too far away. It’s the SEG computer market with eight floors of diverse dealers that you can visit for both software and hardware necessities.

Buying high-quality art

China has some great Artist Villages and that includes the Da Fen Village in Shenzhen too. The paintings you find here are cheap but amazing, and the sellers offer shipping facilities too if you require it.

Going to where locals go

The commercial heart of Shenzhen is the Dongmen area and here you find the most popular places where locals do shop at. There are entire streets and malls dedicated to shopping experiences in this area, and you find some international brands on sale prices here.

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