If you enjoy shopping, Singapore is the best place to visit. A vibrant shopping experience that is to be experienced with a number of other tourists, here’s a list for you to explore!

Image Credit:  Jason Goh via Pixabay

Bugis Street

Bugis Street has more than 600 different shops and each of them offers fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. No matter what your shopping list consists of, you’ll find it at Bugis Street! What’s best, Bugis street is amazing for wallet-friendly shopping expeditions.

Mustafa Centre

Just 22 minutes from Travelodge Harbourfront and several other 4 star hotels in Singapore, Mustafa Centre has a huge selection of goods. Jewellery, watches, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, furniture, hardware and so much more. Great news for you is that this shopping centre is open 24 hours and 365 days per year!

Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza is the only spot alongside Orchard road that caters to budget shoppers. You’ll find casual clothing, souvenirs, used books and so much more. Although this shopping mall is one of the few old shopping malls in Singapore, you’ll still enjoy the time there!


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