Shopping at Denpasar’s street markets is an experience not to be missed. From alleyways lined with locals selling a variety of merchandise to the chaotic yet delightful atmosphere to locals ambling about searching for bargains, markets in Denpasar are a treat for all senses. Here are some of the must-visit markets in Denpasar.

Jalan Sulawesi – Textile Shops

Jalan Sulawesi is a busy street located right next to Badung Market. It is one of the oldest shopping spots in Bali, and you’ll find a range of textile shops here. Locals flock here to find the best local and imported materials, and they’re never disappointed. Jalan Sulawesi has become a popular tourist hotspot too.

Badung Market

Badung Market – Image via Flickr

Sitting by the Badung River, Badung Market is the largest traditional market in Bali. It’s a four-storey building with heaps of local goodies and daily necessities. You can easily get here from Jalan Sulawesi. If you’re looking for Denpasar accommodation, look no further; the market is just 7 minutes from POP! Hotel Denpasar Bali.

Batik Popiler

For the best silk and cotton batik, visit Batik Popiler. It’s one of the best places to visit for insights into Bali’s textile heritage. Step inside, and your eyes will be treated to a variety of batik designs. If you venture further, you’ll find a workshop where locals work their magic.

Pasar Seni Kumbasari

Located right opposite the Badung Market, Pasar Seni Kumbasari, also known as the Kumbasari Art Market, is among the best and oldest markets in the area. You can find stacks of arts and crafts created by local artists. Artistic communities in Bali find a platform here to display and sell their artworks for a decent living.