In the Philippines’ vibrant capital Manila the visitor from overseas will find a host of engrossing attractions including sightseeing highlights, enticing shopping opportunities and leisure activities. The well-informed traveller desiring service residences will be pleased by the comfortable and well-appointed accommodations provided by Somerset, a premier accommodation specialist. Makati City is Manila’s financial and commercial hub boasting an impressive skyline featuring numerous modern skyscrapers. As a number of embassies are located in this part of the metropolis it is also considered to be a hub for international diplomacy.


No visit to the capital of the Philippines would be complete without exploring Makati Avenue. One of the city’s principal commercial boulevards, this avenue lies in proximity to a number of the city’s attractions. Makati Avenue is one of the principal avenues of the Central Business District of Makati and is also noteworthy for forming the eastern side of the well-known Ayala Triangle.


The Ayala Triangle in Makati is a well-known expanse of greenery in the midst of the metropolis. As you enter this part of the city you will encounter the statues of Gabriela Silang, Pio del Pilar and Ninoy Aquino, all well-known patriots. In the vicinity you will also find Ugarte Field, which was at one time a popular venue for demonstrations and protests. Today however the venue is used for peaceful purposes.


At the southern border of Makati Avenue you will find the popular Ayala Centre. This classy and stylish commercial highlight compares favourably with commercial centres in other parts of the globe. For shopping, entertainment and dining the place to go is definitely the Ayala Centre. Here you will find a number of prestigious malls and department stores in addition to a host of other boutiques and shops. The visitor will also be delighted by the state of the art cinemas that may be found here. Dining choices here include a wide selection of options running the gamut from classy restaurants to convenient fast food outlets.


Uditha Dharmawardhane is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Roland Lefevre. He specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.