A traditional fish market is located at the northern end of the bay right by the beach at the junction with Jalan Tukad Ayung. The catch comes in every morning here and customers include most of Bali’s fine dining restaurants. The Jimbaran Fish Market is located very conveniently close by to the south of Bali International Airport, this traditional fish market is undoubtedly the biggest saltwater fish market in Bali. Tourists can find almost any saltwater fish from the popular red snapper to the rare mahi-mahi. If you’re staying in a villa and are dying to have your own seafood bash, this excellent spread of fresh fish is something you shouldn’t miss. The Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran is a luxury Hotel Bali which is located, opposite the Jimbaran Bay, giving guests a glimpse of the breathtaking scenery through their elegantly designed hotel rooms with plush furnishings. Guests also have a chance to play golf, overlooking the mystical Jimbaran Bay, and do a wide variety of water sports and other activities like hiking, water skiing and trekking, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and surfing.

Many of the fish at the Fish Market, are brightly colored and are similar to the ones you might see if snorkeling some of Bali’s reefs. The best time to visit the market is in the morning when all the stalls are still set up and the best range of seafood is available. After a brief look here, you might even like to visit one of the nearby warungs or beachfront restaurants for your own tasty seafood meal. Jimbaran fish market is the perfect place to go. You can see local fishermen unloading their catch and negotiating with hotel chefs. A very local place and recommended to fish lovers and people who love cooking.

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