In the midst of the bustling Hong Kong city is the city’s Jade treasure trove. The Jade gemstone is held in high esteem in Chinese culture where it is believed to ward off illness and bad luck and bring forth good health and prosperity. Hence it is not surprising that many Chinese wear Jade stone accessories as a good luck charm and Jade amulets based on Chinese zodiac signs are traditionally gifted to new born babies by their grandmothers.

Flagged by an enormous Jade stone weighing three tonnes at its entrance, the landmark Jade Market is the ideal place to buy cheap Jade items and souvenirs. The market, which was established in 1984 is located in the junction of Kansu and Battery Streets in Yau Ma Tei in Kowloon city where many Mongkok Hotels Hong Kong are situated. Jade stones of many hues ranging from green, yellow, brown to milky-white can be found in the market sold as stones or fashioned into attractive jewellery pieces, ornaments, miniature figurines and Buddhist statues. The Jade Market itself is a crowded, noisy bazaar with over 400 stalls selling mostly Jade items but also selling a few non-Jade items such as Chinese fans and Feng Shui accessories. Being in close proximity to many shopping destinations including the Jade Market, Dorsett Mongkok Hotel Hong Kong is a popular choice among travelers.

Shoppers must bear in mind that the Jade Market does not sell the best quality Jade stones (which can be found in established jewellery stores) and must therefore be wary of expensive Jade pieces sold in the market. A successful bargain with shopkeepers may even culminate in shopkeepers reducing prices to half the marked price for their wares. If not, feel free to walk away from stubborn shopkeepers because with over 400 stalls to choose from it is likely that the same item can be found in another stall. If shopping at the Jade Market does not suffice, visitors can also make their purchases from the Jade shops that line the street outside the market.

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