Bangkok is one of the most vibrant cities in the Eastern part of the world and throughout the years it has been a popular hotspot among tourists. The city is well equipped with a plethora of accommodation options to welcome the hordes of tourists that visit. One such option of accommodation that is recommended by many a Travel Guide Bangkok is theĀ Anantara Bangkok Sathorn, that is conveniently located in the city’s business district.

If you’re in Bangkok it’s worth checking out the multitude of shopping malls the city has to offer. Strolling around Siam Square is a great way to do so. It is a great place to find some bargains as well as to find some places that showcase some of the up-and-coming Thai and Asian designs. They offer great prices on these pieces.

Some of the places to check while in Siam Square are, Pony Stone, which is a great place if you’ve got an inner rock star in you. With its tagline, “There’s no forever” the shop has many leather items, chains, platform heels and gold hot pants. Most items here are regularly featured on popular Thai magazines and seen adorned by celebrities making them pricey.

“Post Nerd” is another place worth checking if you are into t-shirts with unusual catchy designs. Most of the inspiration comes from classic bands such as Rolling Stones, Beatles and also from funky patterns with animals. Another one of the eye-catching stores here is the “Sleeping Pills” which features some of the most unusual designs and outfits that come in limited numbers.

“Sister Margarita” has some of the quirky bags imported from Korea and also has an array of selection ranging from Urban to Mad men. It is a store for the fashion daring.

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