Where the serene Kalu River meets the Indian Ocean lies the resplendent city of Kalutara. It’s a city that holds many attractions and places of interest of both religious and cultural significance. The Kalutara Basket Center is one of these definitely-must-checkout places of the city as here you can not only see one of Sri Lanka’s most revered crafts but also get a wonderful shopping experience! For travelers searching for Kalutara hotels close to the center, the AVANI Kalutara Resort is an ideal option as it is located just 11 minutes away.

The Kalutara Basket Center is the best place for you to get an insight into Sri Lanka’s ancient craft of weaving. Since centuries ago, processed palm was used by Buddhist priest for Ola Leaf writing but now they have been fashioned into more commercial products that are in high demand by both local and international tourists. The products are made using palm fronds such as indikola and wetakeiya. The Indikola frond goes through a process that includes bleaching, dyeing to finally being woven. The thorny plant of Wetakeiya is woven into colorful range of products by expert hands after a lengthy process. While visiting the Kalutara Basket Center you will be able to see this whole process creating incredible masterpieces of weaving.

At the Basket Center in Kalutara you will be spoilt for choice with a wide array of vibrant basketware. Take home and decorate your living room, kitchen and bedrooms with colorful patterned mats, lampshades, linen baskets and more. Make a fashion statement with stylish purses, hats and handbags.

A visit to the Kalutara Basket Center is a wonderful experience for the whole family as not only will you get to shop beautifully woven basketware and gain an insight into a rich, ancient craft of Sri Lanka, but you will also get the opportunity to contribute to the livelihood of these talented artisans who make masterpieces from palm fronds.

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