Jade is something that has been a part of Chinese traditions and culture for a very longtime. Loved and adored by the Chinese people, Jade is popular not only because of its beauty but also its strong links to Confucianism, with it being described as a material representing 11 elements which Confucius attributed to qualities of a wise man.

The Jade Market located in Hong Kong’s Kansu and Battery Streets is a great place where people could find a myriad of Jade stones in varying forms. From elegantly crafted jewellery to pure Jade stones the market offers a variety of choices ranging from rings, pendants, bracelets, carvings and ornaments.

The market consists of around 400 stalls which sells a wide range of pendants, bracelets, rings and carvings made of Jade. The market is quite an interesting place to explore, where the shoppers would be able to see the vendors still using traditional communication methods of secret hand signals when a purchase is being made.

Buying jade is also considered an art. Identifying the best stones through its color, texture and various attributes takes a bit of practice and getting used to. Most of the Jade sold at the market are imported from Myanmar and would consist of both natural pieces and those that are being impregnated with polymers or dyes to enhance its texture and color.

The market is open from 10.00 am to 5.00pm and is also a main place where a lot of buyers can meet. Located close by is the Jade Street on the Canton Road where a number of shops operate throughout the week except on Sundays from 10.00am to 4.00pm. You would be able to easily identify the street from the giant jade stone that is placed at the junction weighing around three tons. This landmark is at the junction of Canton and Jordon Roads.

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