Before 1935 the grounds of which the Central Market is positioned today was a lake. This lake received the excess water during the country’s rainy season. However, the market was built after the lake was drained in 1935 and a building project began that stretched to 1937.
From fresh fruit, up to date electronic products to expensive silks, the Central Market has absolutely everything to offer its visitors a complete shopping experience. Although there are numerous markets in Phnom Penh providing the shopaholic with a diverse shopping experience the Central Market is tagged as the largest and one that sells products of superior quality.
With a distinctive cross shaped central dome, Cambodia’s biggest market is also known by locals as the new market or Psar Thmay in Khmer.
Before the construction of the Central Market, the country’s largest city Phnom Penh was restricted to an area amid the Riverside and Norodom Boulevard. Today there is a taxi stand towards the northwest corner and a bus station towards the southwest corner of the market.
At the entry point of the market visitors will find souvenir merchants selling an extensive and diverse range of souvenir products ranging from postcards, t – shirts and so much more. Further inside visitors will find a large collection of impressive and dazzling jewellery. The Central Market is also an ideal place for those in search of high quality electronic goods. It has also earned an unmatched reputation for second-hand clothes and stationery.
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