Limited living space? Or just too much of knick-knacks than you can deal with? Read on to find out about some effective storage solutions to help you make the most of your living space.


Get your Hands on Square Containers

Square containers are always a better option since they maximize space extremely well as opposed to round containers which give up a few inches on the sides and will not fit well against the walls. You can easily purchase containers of any size you require at supermarkets such as Keells Super.

Organize your Tupperware

Food storage containers and Tupperware aren’t easy items to store. By installing false drawers in cabinets, you can easily store household items. Online shopping would prove to be an easy way to get items such individual plastic drawers and containers to your specifications delivered to your doorstep with minimum hassle.

Make your Own Plastic Bag Dispenser

Got too many plastic bags than you know what to do with. Save up your empty tissue boxes and tack them on to the inner side of a cabinet door to keep the bags perfectly organized and within easy reach.

Make the Most of Above Cabinet Storage Space

Get your hands on clear plastic bins or chic wire baskets and place them on the top of your kitchen cabinets and store away items that you do not use or need on a daily basis.

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