For a long time, Hong Kong has been considered a shopper’s paradise with plenty of street markets, major shopping malls, souvenir shops and other places where you can shop to your heart’s content. Here are some of the places you should consider. Happy shopping!

Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping Places in Hong Kong

1. Mongkok

Shopping in Mongkok Hong Kong is a footwear dream. The latest trends will make their way to this street bright and early so you will be able to give your wardrobe the update it’s been needing. There are brands such as Nike, Adidas and many more. You can also bargain to get the lowest prices on shoes. Mongkok is also home to trendy hotels like Dorsett Mongkok.

2. Temple Street

Temple Street is one of the most popular night markets in Hong Kong, with a great variety of trinkets and things to buy that you’ll be coming away with more than you need.

3. Granville Road

Granville Road is the place to go for trendy but affordable fashion. Clothes are brought there from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. For the best deals keep your eyes open for factory outlets.

4. Cat Street

Shoppers looking for vintage deals should head to Cat Street. You won’t be able to come out of it!

5. Golden Computer Arcade

Like the name suggests this is the best street for gamer equipment. If you are buying games, you would be better off asking for free accessories instead of a discount.