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gem pearl jewelry fashion natural | Img credit : Aloysius via PIXABAY

If you are a shopaholic who has the soft spot for gems or shiny stones, then the Gem Market in Chanthaburi is a must visit.


The market
Known for having tiny shops around the market, this place is magical and is famous for its gem trading. Located on the Si Chan Road, the location is perfect if you are staying at a hotel in Chanthaburi. The streets also become a store at the busy times and you can find buyers and sellers seated at tables on the pavements, while they argue the prices and finally reach a bargain they are both satisfied with.


When to go
Step out of your luxury room at Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao, for example, and walk to this market during a quiet evening on a weekday. You can find everything from loose gemstones to gold settings even if some stores are shut. When the weekend rolls around, however, the crowd starts walking in and being a tourist, it’d overwhelm you to be pulled and pushed among the local and international dealers, brokers and sellers while they bargain with the shop owner. Be wary of phoney gems though, as it isn’t uncommon for tourists to be fooled with fake gems.





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