Grand Millennium Dubai is a Dubai luxury hotel which offers personalized services which in turn leads to provide a memorable stay to all its guests. There are a number of 5 star hotels Dubai, yet this hotel is proffered over them because of the unique hospitality and the comfortable accommodation offered. While visiting this amazing Dubai city there are many places that the visitors could go for shopping.

There are a number of markets also known as souks in Dubai. These souks are the most famous souks in the world. Some of these souks are dedicated to different products. The world famous Gold Souk is one of these. The shops in this market are definitely a site to see. Different shades of gold can be found in the wide variety of products crammed inside the stores. The Perfume Souk is another souk that popular among tourists. The fragrances range from the Arabic styles to the modern styles, so one can definitely find whatever the fragrance that they are searching for. All varieties of spices can be found in the Spice Souk and the Old Souk also known as the Textile Souk has all apparel items including shoes and other goods. Indians play a major role in Dubai’s businesses; the Meena Bazaar is a market where all Indian products can be found easily. There are many more interesting souks in Dubai where one should visit if they are around.