The attractive city of Dubai is renowned around the world for its remarkable shopping opportunities. Featuring everything from lavish modern malls to quaint traditional souks, Dubai is truly a paradise for the shopper. As you enjoy the shopping attractions of Dubai, amongst the accommodation choices you could consider would be luxury hotels and resorts such as the property of PER AQUUM Hotels & Resorts.

Dubai is renowned for its expansive and alluring traditional souks, which are large marketplaces filled with numerous small shops offering a wide selection of merchandise. One of the best-known souks is the Gold Souk, which as its name suggests features a splendid array of many kinds of gold items. The merchandise on sale includes everything from gold bars to gold jewellery, and visitors should make the effort to bargain to obtain attractive prices.

The city of Dubai also features an array of outstanding shopping malls that will appeal to those who desire a hassle-free modern shopping experience. During the hot months of summer, the plush malls of Dubai provide a respite from the heat of the city, and offer a satisfying shopping experience removed from the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

A local highlight is the huge Dubai Shopping Mall which offers a host of attractions for the visitor. In addition to more than a thousand individual stores, this mall features a spectacular waterfall, a large aquarium, a massive skiing rink and a wide selection of food and beverage choices.

Another popular choice is Wafi Mall, a shopping centre which contains a selection of appealing boutiques. On the other hand, for modern electronics, the place to go is Al Fahidi Street, an avenue where you will find an excellent selection of computers, cameras and laptops in addition to household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and ovens. The extensive selection of goods to be found in Dubai will undoubtedly appeal to the avid shopper.

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