Ho Chi Minh City is the largest in Vietnam that has 10 small subsets, the biggest and busiest among them being District 1. Because of its popularity as a commercial hub having headquarters of leading business corporates, District 1 has many shopping malls, cafes, theatres etc. The most luxurious among them is Diamond Plaza. It has 2 sections, one a 22 storied building and the other a 15 storied building. Covering around 13,000 square meters and has many international brands.

Target more at the affluent Vietnamese and foreigners, floor 1, 2 and 3 of this glittering complex designer wear by Vietnamese designers as well as Adidas, Chanel, Lancome and many such highpend brand products. Interior decor materials, wooden artwork, ornaments also take up considerable space in these floors. Cosmetics, footwear and genuine leather products are also available. The 2nd floor has more local flavour with the renowned brand ‘Made in Viet Nam’.

Entertainment is the speciality of the 4th floor. Bowling, snooker, video games and billiards are available throughout the day. However prices per game vary depending on day and time. During the day you can play games for a more affordable price when compared to the night and the weekends as well as holidays mean that the games are most expensive.

Diamond Plaza has many restaurants and a movie complex with 6 theatres. But if you would prefer a more historical theatre then head over to the Municipal Theatre or Saigon Opera House. Built in 1897, this beautiful piece of French architecture can accommodate 1,800 people. Today you can sit back and enjoy the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet and Symphony Orchestra perform here.

Another building by French colonists that still stands tall is the Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica which was constructed between 1863 and 1880. Its 2 beautiful bell towers reach a height of 58 metres. The outside walls of the building are even today a reddish colour, a shade retained through the centuries even though coated concrete was never used to build the structure.

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