An average person in the modern day spends at least 2 hours on the internet. This has greatly influenced the shopping market to move to a more digital space to appeal to these users. Various techniques are used to make this more efficient.

Online shopping| Img by: Elaine Smith, Flickr

Internet-based Advertisements

An average person spends at least 2 hours a day surfing the internet. Browsers collect certain information from the users which allow them to customize advertisements according to the user’s preferences. This mode of marketing has a higher percentage of efficiency and approach to the target audiences.

Mobile App Dominance

At present, most eCommerce websites are migrating to mobile based applications as this provides a much easier user interface and cuts down on the hassle of having multiple tabs open on the web browser.

Many items under one website/app

When you have a diverse range of items to buy, visiting a string of physical stores is cumbersome. This has given rise to many online shopping sites like Clicknshop, which is an upcoming popular option when it comes to online shopping in Sri Lanka. These online shopping apps and websites partner with many vendors to showcase items in their own site which the customer can seamlessly navigate through and add to the basket.


Apart from the personalised advertisements, ecommerce sites also identify the pattern and preference of the user to suggest items that might interest them. This can prove to be helpful to both the consumer and the seller.




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