Hua Hin is famous for its glorious beaches however there are also other attractions in Hua Hin , and one that stands out the most is the Cicada Market. The market acts as a platform to bring together artists , creators , students , tourists and designers through integrating culture and arts with lifestyle. Hua Hin Hotels are a perfect place to stay in and enjoy the things this beautiful town has to offer. One of the highly recommended place to stay among many others would be Sheraton Hua Hin resort and Spa. Beautifully designed luxurious comfortable rooms at the hotel are a perfect place to sit back and experience Hua Hin.

The market is a place for contemporary art and design in the form of decorative s , paintings, clothing , and SME products. Most of the products are sold in an open style on mats and make shift shops. The market is also a host venue for various performing arts shows from the universities and host an array of workshops and exhibitions. The markets open in the evenings of the weekends and on Fridays , beautifully lit and surrounded by gardens . The surroundings are always lit up and create a festival like atmosphere with various eateries and live performances taking place.

The market is divided into four major sections , namely Art A La Mode , Cicada Art Factory , Amphitheatre and Cicada Cusine. The first section Art A La Mode si where one could find the vendors of arts and crafts selling paintings , fashion clothing bags and other such products. Cicada Art factory displays the work of young artist and there are exhibitions held here. The Amphitheatre is where the performance arts shows takes place and is a venue where workshops are conducted. The Cicada cuisine essentially is the food zone offering an array of selections.

A trip to Hua Hin would not be complete without a visit to the beach , therefore its worth checking the beaches while there.


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