Khao San road located in Bangkok is a backpacker’s paradise that literally sells anything and everything. It was not always so, dig a little deep in to the road’s past and you will discover that it was a rice market but the only evidence of this is the roads name which translates to ‘milled rice’.

Packed to the hilt with shops and street vendors of all sorts, bargaining is a must do here. If you can start your shopping quest early in the morning it would be good as sellers believe in selling to their first customer and therefore will give you a fair or extremely reduced price to ensure your purchase.

There are very many jewellery stalls that let you buy exquisite jewellery for a fraction of their price elsewhere. Make sure you check them for damages and to some level quality. Second hand bookshops are another attraction. Catering to the backpackers’ fad for reading there are very many of them. If you have books that you have read, then you also have the option of exchanging them for something else you want to read. CDs and DVDs are also sold in a galore.

Tailors at Khao San are famous for their ability to recreate any costume. Just walk in to one of the shops, choose your design form the many glossy editions of the latest fashion magazine or give them your own pattern. Pick the material you want it in and you will have a replica of that dress worn at the Oscars at an extremely reasonable price. The best buys here are for shirts, trousers and suits.

Want to try a new look? Khao San is the place. Get anything from tiny braids, dreadlocks, extensions and any kind of tattoos. Think you might be running out of cash with all that shopping? Don’t worry. There are stores that will buy anything, just look out for a sign that says ‘We buy everything’. Khao San is also a major market for second hand items.

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