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The Thailand night markets are scattered across the city and offer a variety of products, food and even entertainment for the ultimate shopper. Enjoy after dark shopping and prepare to explore several famous night markets along the Bangkok riverside.

Rot Fai Market, Srinakarin

This night market is located on the eastern suburbs of Bangkok and is split into three sections – clothes and fashion items, rare collectables (sourced worldwide) and the snacks and food section priced at very nominal and cheap rates.


Perfect for that family outing, take a stroll through this breezy night market that is open from 5pm to midnight and savour on some delicious regional food. A combination of a mall and night bazar, the Asiatique is best reached by boat. Even if you are staying at a hotel in riverside Bangkok such as the AVANI Riverside Bangkok hotel, it is merely on the opposite side of the river.

Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Market

Known for its urban whacky art pieces, this night market has art that brings out the concept of ‘nothing is useless’. Be mesmerized at the enormous air-bus that is displayed at the front as you make your way to some nice dining selections.


Looking for a knockoff pair of Nikes or a fake PRADA bag? Then this is the best place to find one in Bangkok! Patpong is famous for its fake branded items such as bags, shoes and clothing. Another thing to note are the go-go bars lining either side of the market. Be prepared to see dancing girls once the curtains are pulled back.

Patpong Soi 2 at sunset

anonymous, Patpong, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

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