Located 50 km to the west of Kuwait is the desert city of Al-Jahra famous for the notorious shootout with the Allied demolition of a stalled Iraqi convoy and for being the site of the Battle of Jahra (the conflict that took place between in the 1920, a conflict between Kuwaiti and Saudi forces. This land is also recognized for being the largest governorate for Kuwait with its principal source of income and economic boost lies on agriculture and the exporting of its produce of fruits and vegetables. In terms of historical and important landmarks in Al Jahra, Al Qasr Al Ahmar or The Red Palace is a sought after destination for the chronological significance it portrays on the whole of Kuwait. This site is identified as the very location for the battle between the Daweesh army and Kuwait and replicas and monuments can be found that narrates the combat. For those of you winding down to Al Jahara, accommodation comes in the form of Kuwait hotels and a noteworthy choice of stay is Al-Jahra Copthorne Hotel & Resort for its exemplary services and Kuwait hotel specials.