The intriguing island of Bali has always been every traveller’s first choice for an exotic getaway. Surrounded by crystalline waters and white sandy beaches, Bali is known to be the ideal romantic escape. However due its rich history, Bali exudes a rich cultural ambience, enchanting its visitors to return to Bali. For the ultimate Balinese arts and culture experience, do consider a centralised luxury hotel Bali such as Intercontinental Bali resort.

Dedicated to the travelling art lover, the art markets of Bali has been a hotspot for artoholics from around the world. These treasure troves are completed with stalls displaying numerous artworks and handicrafts produced by local artists and craftsman. Most of these art markets are situated in an open or at least a semi open arena, thus permitting on lookers to leisurely stroll and inspect the works in depth at ease.

There are several art markets in Bali. Some of the most popular art markets are in Ubud, Sukawati, Guwang, Kumbasari and Kuta. Take your pick from intricate wood carvings to unique motif batiks or even some tradition & contemporary paintings. The choices are endless!

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