Growing old has both its pros and cons. You gain more wisdom while at the same time you gain more wrinkles. So what is one to do when the signs of the times appear on your face? The answer would be to choose what makes you happy! If you’re happy with ageing gracefully then let nature run its course and accept your wrinkles for they are but a confirmation that you have laughed, smiled, frowned, cried and lived life to its fullest. However, if what makes you happy is to have a complexion as smooth as porcelain without any wrinkles, here are three highly effective anti-ageing therapies to help you achieve your goal. After all, as Ms. Hailee Steinfeld sings in her latest hit single ‘Most Girls’, “…’s okay if you wanna change the body that you came in ‘Cause you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen.”!

First up is a therapy originating from France. Rene Guinot, a renowned French chemist founded his skincare company over 40 years ago with the aim of treating the skin with the Hydradermie treatment that has now become legendary. The Guinot Beaute Neuve treatment is one of these. Offered at many luxury spas around the world specialising in hands on healing such as the COMO Shambhala is; the Guinot Beaute Neuve rejuvenating therapy gets rid of tired and old skin with a special double peel and a deep cleanse. This leaves the skin fresh and polished. The therapy uses many anti-ageing products as well fruit acids all working together to regenerate the skin.

Next, is a new type of surgical facial therapy called the Ponytail Facelift. This is best recommended to women under the age of 50 who are looking to fight the earliest signs of aging. It’s said to be a minimally invasive surgery that’s performed under local anesthesia for as such a short time as one hour. New York plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Miller says that it instantly takes 7 years off your face!

And finally we come to laser therapy. Just like wrinkles, spots are also a sign of ageing and latest treatments to get rid of these is through tattoo-removal lasers! New York City dermatologist Neil Sadick says that since tattoo-removal lasers are effective in targeting and eliminating pigment, the use of them on hyperpigmentation is “a natural next step”. And what’s more Dr. Sadick says that not only are they “very effective” they can also be treated in a “very gentle way in just one session.”


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