Looking for the latest gadgets or must have products this year? Here are some of the trending items that you can look to make your own in 2019.

 Online Shopping| Img by: Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay


Drone Cameras

Drones have been around for a while though the good thing is the prices are getting lower. For relatively less you can now get powerful drones that have remarkably good video quality and which are easy to buy be you online shopping in Sri Lanka, other parts of Asia or beyond!

Wireless Phone Chargers

Tired of always having to plug your phone to charge? Then the solution lies in the handy wireless phone charger. A ‘must have’ smartphone accessory available at online stores like Clicknshop, this product gives you full convenience minus having to deal with a tangle of wires!

Home Security IP Cameras

Gone are the days when you have to fork out a hefty amount for CCTV camera systems. You have the option of purchasing cheaper home security IP cameras which offer internet connectivity that lets you use your smartphone to view footage too.

Wi-Fi Repeaters

This handy gadget is perfect if you have a large space outside the house and just one Wi-Fi router to cover it. A Wi-Fi repeater helps to extend the signal range letting you stay connected even when at a distance from the main router.



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