Technology has greatly improved during the recent years and many processes that take place in daily life have evolved as a result. With the growing use of smartphones, laptops and computers larger markets can be reached by the retail sector online.

Online Shopping| Img by: Intel Free Press via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY 2.0


The upsurge of distributed commerce

Consumers have access to brands through various channels including websites like Clicknshop and go through certain procedures to get their purchase. However, now, they would prefer to shorten the route from sighting to buying. This is referred to as distributed or friction less commerce and is a good opening for brands to reach out to customers from channels other than the website to improve the numbers of online shopping in Sri Lanka for a specific brand.

The growing demand for unique visual content

Since people spend more time on social media, they are now able to identify if products have been artificially made to look desirable and the actual product. According to a recent customer survey carried out by Olapic, consumers perceive the content posted by other consumers to be truer than what the actual advertisement says. This means that it is important that the brand creates good experiences with users.

Short-form videos

Subsequently, the digital device mostly used in day to day life in the present world and in the future is the mobile device, it is imperative that content that is most suited to mobile viewing is published. Since mobiles are used vertically 98% of the time, even content like videos have been made to fit the screen view accordingly. This will allow marketers to gain more views for their brands.

The increase in social influencers

As mentioned before, consumers prefer the content published by other consumers sharing their experiences about the brand. There are some who have gone big with this idea and have gained themselves a solid follower base. This is an opportunity for marketers to use these social influencers to push their brands forward.




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