Often considered one of the must-have cultural and retail experiences when touring Phuket, hitting its night markets once the sun goes down, is a great way to indulge one’s taste buds while securing some unbelievable deals on consumer goods! Although the city is littered with bustling night markets one of the best night time thoroughfares is located close to the Central Festival and takes place from Friday through Sunday. As a weekend market this night market is crowded with hundreds of kiosks selling everything one can imagine at a fraction of the rates marked on department stores and high-end malls. Women’s and men’s clothing, accessories and shoes are omnipresent at this market in addition to hoards of souvenirs. Specializing in locally produced handicrafts and other authentic Thai products, shoppers will find plenty of gifts and souvenirs to take home at affordable prices here.

The night market located near Wirat Hong Yok Road is also popular as is the one on an avenue off Phang Nga Road. Another fantastic weekend market, this particular night market began during the financial crisis in 1997 when wealthy Thais were forced to sell off their luxury items to those willing to pay the most for the items. Some of the hot pick items at this venue include clothing, traditional carvings, ceramics, leather shoes, boots and music CDs. Renowned as a chef’s hub the Fresh Market sells the freshest produce in town and most of the five star resorts in the area also purchase their fruits and vegetables from this market. Selling produce from the backs of pick-ups the vendors at the Fresh Market guarantee great prices for the best fruits and vegetables in town.

Those in search of a night market geared for foodies should head down to the stalls located to the rear of Robinson’s Dept. Store. Aromatic with the scent of piping hot soups, noodles and other regional treats from various parts of Thailand the informal dining setting is ideal for tourists looking for an authentic Thai dining experience. Islamic coffee stands offer amazing coffee and rotis while other local favourites such as Thai crackers and Yam MaMa are also available in such night markets.

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