With a slow and steady rise of shopping complexes, Wuhan takes you on a spicy journey. Following the trail of its fellow cities in China, Wuhan is now home to a large number of eateries, swanky restaurants, supermarkets and varied types of shopping complexes. Wherever you opt to walk, you will see a shopping outlet close by. And Wuhan seems to possess that magical power to attract any potential shopper, with its wide variety of items. If you have been persuaded already to visit this city, you will find that there are several options for accommodation in Wuhan available that you may find suitable according to your requirements and budget.

Turquoise, for one, is a sky blue semi-precious stone offered at Wuhan. Also known as Turkish stone, there are certain guidelines you should follow before putting it on as a jewellery item. Since the stone is spongy, it needs to be removed beforehand if you are going to wash hands. Helpdesks of any hotel or serviced apartment you are staying at such as Citadines Zhuankou Wuhan or others may provide you with more information. Duck neck is a must-try dish if you are fond of spicy flavours. Ingredients are the first source of its unique flavour. And the way it is cooked comes second – it is simmered well and slowly in low fire. It makes way for a lasting aroma. And as a third buy, you can go for cake. Wuhan’s streets and supermarkets offer you a wide variety of cakes all the time.

Xiaogan cake, out of all, is something even the locals would readily recommend. With rice flour, sugar, sesame and a host of other indigenous ingredients, this cake would appease your sweet tooth. Qingshan Mahong cake is a similar sugary delicacy, but you will get longer pieces. You can find separate shelves allocated for cakes in supermarkets.

These three things will, of course, make a lasting impact on your Wuhan trip. For they stand for what the city is. Shopping in Wuhan will never leave you with the same experience twice. Day by day, Wuhan evolves and offers completely different experiences.

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