The name Xintiandi has earned profound fame after it took a great effort in preserving the historical architecture that was created in the early 1920’s. Xintiandi is like a city created back in time. A small town that consists mostly of pedestrian streets lined with Shikumen structures on both sides, Xintiandi boasts a unique concept of construction. Its structure, style and one of a kind ambience has made it a major crowd puller. When you visit Shanghai there is no turning back without a good dose of Xintiandi; for Xintiandi still pulsates the very essence of the Shikumen World.

Xintiandi can be found in the heart of the Shanghai city. Despite having an exterior straight from the Shikumen Era, the interiors of buildings found in the streets are the exact opposite. They are modern and comfortable and boast all the facilities of a 21st century structure. Xintiandi was created for the tourist and caters to their desires in both the shopping and the feasting world. There are several boutique outlets and even more cafes and restaurants throughout the area where you can tantalize your taste-buds in whatever fashion you desire. A couple of restaurants even have a theme, giving you a very unique experience dining out. Shopping in Xintiandi is a blissful experience for the very streets in the city are beautiful in itself. And to top it all, the area is blessed with an array of fantastic retail outlets that sell a couple of unique products as well. There are 2 sections in Xintiandi; the North and the South. It is the South that has most of the shopping outlets where you can find pretty much anything you desire. The very interesting Shanghai Tang however is found on the Northern Block. Don’t miss the Shanghai Trio for an excellent collection of scarves, handbags and accessories.

Shanghai is a very popular tourist destination in China that is packed with its own array of wonders. When choosing a Shanghai hotel to stay at give preference to a Shanghai city hotel, so that you can easily cover the attractions in the city. The most popular name is the Millennium Hongqiao Hotel Shanghai.

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