Mongkok they say is a shopper’s paradise; from whole streets dedicated to specialised items to chaotic street corners where you have to bargain with adamant shop owners, who with a little “persuasion” may even give you a discount of up to 50%. Mongkok is the ultimate shoppers delight!

Mongkok is an area in the Kowloon Peninsula that has a blend of modern as well as old Hong Kong visible in its streets. With the highest population density in the world, the district is always a buzz with local traders, busy Locals crowding the city streets and shopping enthusiasts bargaining to their hearts content.

It has an array of markets from tiny little city shops selling sweetmeats and local street cuisine to massive shopping precincts. Some of the interesting areas are Ladies Street, Temple Street and the Flower Market Road, all nicknames that have formed against the type of trade that can be seen there. For example, Ladies Street is so named after the items available for women such as clothing, accessories and cosmetic products. However, it is not just fashion items that can be found here and there is something for everyone. The Flowers Market Road is a famous market especially known as a hawker street with lots of small shops displaying beautiful floral arrangements and plants amidst the hustle and bustle of people.

In Hong Kong on business or leisure the Mongkok area is a must visit for shopaholics for obvious reasons. That said, it is worth mentioning that shopping is only just a part of its lure. It is known for its neon street lights, street food and bustling atmosphere that provide non-shopaholics with plenty of fun and adventure.
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