For fashion, shoes, knick knacks and more, Beijing has an array of different locations. Shopping in Beijing is a truly a wholesome experience that gives you an enormous range to choose from. In fact, this is one activity that makes a favorite pastime for those visiting the city. Choose Beijing Apartments such as Ascott Beijing if you want to experience the best of Beijing city. After all, since the city’s finest attractions are just a hop, skip and a jump away, exploring Beijing is a breeze from this apartment in the city.


Among the myriad of malls and streets dedicated to the ardent shopper, there is one location that is named after the species that has perfected the art of shopping; the Woman. The Women’s streets or rather the Lady’s street is an entire street that sells nearly every imaginable item that would attract a lady. Since fashion is the concept closest to a woman’s heart, stalls are predominantly loaded with clothes and clothes and more clothes. However, if you are shopping at the woman’s street do not expect too much quality or original brands, for this street caters more to rock bottom price tags. Once you somehow mangle your way out of the clothing section, you will come across the Lai Tai Beijing Flower Market. Known to sell a variety of both fresh and fake flowers and plants, this is one location where you can truly appreciate the world of Chinese horticulture. In addition to the many bonsai’s and orchids, here you can find a couple of rare and unusual plants unique to China. At the end of the flower district, the aquarium begins. The aquarium on the lady’s street is famous for its Lion head Goldfish and multi-colored salamanders in addition to the many tanks filled with live coral.


In Chinese the Lady’s market is called the Nuren Jie and is located just up the Lufthansa Centre and the Embassy District. In addition to all the shopping, it offers plenty of eateries and manicures and pedicures. In a nut shell it is the perfect spend-a-day location for the Ladies.


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