Whilst there are many different clothing styles for women to choose from, set out below in this guide are a few notable styles that every woman dreams to have in their wardrobe.

Formal Wear

Formal wear generally consists of elegant and sophisticated clothing such as evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and formal suits. These styles usually come in handy in a formal or professional setting that requires you to look glamorous over being cosy.

Casual Wear

This includes comfortable, everyday clothes that can be worn for an array of settings. Casual wear can come in different styles including jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, dresses, leggings, hoodies, and flats. If you want to purchase your favourite styles but do not want to go through the hassle of visiting stores in person, online clothes shopping in Sri Lanka at one-stop destinations like Nils store might be an ideal choice for you to add some unique styles to your wardrobe.

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Classic style is all about filling your wardrobe with timeless and chic pieces of garment. The style is resembled by clean lines, neutral colours, and high-quality fabrics. Items like tailored suits, pencil skirts and button–down shirts are common in a classic closet.


Inspired by the free-spirited and artistic culture of the Bohemian movement, this style is all about flowy dresses, wide-legged pants, and fringe details. The key characteristics of bohemian-styled clothing include loose flowy clothing made from natural fabrics, vibrant colours, and patterns.