Colombo shopping is quite an opportunity; you can visit the economical markets, browse the classy malls and visit the designer boutiques. Goods range from clothes to handicrafts to souvenirs.


Majestic City Mall in the City Centre

This mall is located in Colombo 4 and is a one stop shop for just about any retail product. The air conditioned multi story building is home to stores that sell electronics, video games, shoes, accessories, clothing, watches, handbags and even has a supermarket and multi-screen cinema.


Classy Crescat Boulevard

Crescat Boulevard is where you will come across a range of designer boutiques as well as bookstores, lifestyle shops and a marvelous food court. Enjoy spending time within the cool air conditioned confines of this mall that offers easy dining combined with a range of shopping; the place also offers one ease of access to the verdant Galle Face Green that faces the ocean; in fact, some of the best hotels in Colombo are located in front of the Indian Ocean. The best sanctuaries like Mount Lavinia Hotel are those tucked away in quiet peninsulas in the suburbs of Colombo.


Liberty Plaza Re-Vamped and Plush

One of the oldest malls in Colombo, Liberty Plaza like Majestic City has is huge complex that houses a variety of stores. You can buy just about any retail product here including jewelry, handicrafts, designer accessories and latest high tech gadgets.


Enjoy the Rustic and Outlandish Environs of Pettah Market

Budget shopping at its best, the Pettah Market offers loads of local flavor. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of this huge and ancient market that’s a Hodge podge of stalls selling a variety of everyday goods that cover leather products, accessories, clothing and a range of knock off designer goods. Mind you practice your bargaining skills and inspect all goods before purchase.


Buy the Best Handicrafts from Laksala

Laksala is the countries iconic handicrafts emporium where you can buy a range of handcrafted goods. There are intricate silver creations in the form of jewellery, ornaments, trays and vessels while reed products are colourful and practical goods that serve many purposes. You can purchase jewel encrusted silver elephants, leather products, colourful masks, drums and more.


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