While the lazy waves of the Andaman kiss her pearly shores, as the virgin rays of the sun, rain light amber on the wakening world, the city of Trang comes to life. The humble city thus awoke for many a century past, while alien ships found a port of haven on her golden coast. The name Trang itself is derived from the Malay word Terang, which translated, means “Dawn”, with reference to those ships that arrived with the day, that sail no more.

As is characteristic of the beaches in Thailand, the golden strip of land fringing Trang is a beauty to behold. With its many uninhabited islands, caves, lagoons and waterfalls, this little place of charm is a treasure waiting to be found.

However, mesmerizing sights are not the only things on offer for those who choose to visit Trang. Renowned as a centre for foreign trade many centuries ago, the city continues its legacy, with multiple temptations beckoning in the streets.

Na Muensri cloth, created by the deft fingers of those weaving relentlessly for many a century, slightly forgotten amidst the dazzle of the modern day garb, is still nonetheless treasured as a precious handicraft of the great country of Thailand. A proud possession of the elite was the Na Muensri cloth woven in the pattern of “Lai Look Kao”, which beautified the handkerchiefs, scarves and headdresses of the lady and the belts and head decorations of the gentleman. This type of cloth is still available to be purchased on the streets of Trang.

Visitors to Trang in the month of August will find delectable gastronomical fantasies served in life as orange, coffee or ‘three taste’ cakes of Trang in the ‘Cake Festival’. The very famous cake with a delicious aroma and taste is available around the year from various shops as well. After the saccharine gaieties of the Cake Festival is done, begins the lip smacking crispy delight of the roasted pork festival in September. Roasted pork is indispensable for the people of Trang, as breakfast is generally complimented by this dish with coffee. The roasted pork of Trang is unique in its flavour owing to the seasoning used and is a must try when here, as the dish is available throughout the year at small café’s in the area.

Coffee in its purest and richest form is also available to be purchased by the visitor as ‘Khao Chong’s Tea’. The establishment, from its humble beginnings of being a small coffee shop, has today grown into a massive business, given the quality of their products. Along with the coffee, Khao Chong also produces roasted peanuts, which is also, once again a must buy when here.

For the countless tourists wishing to explore the many wonderful facets of the region, many hotels and resorts are available in Trang as well as in Krabi Resortsto suit various budgets will be found in the vicinity of Trang Resort indulgence with its many luxurious options can be experienced in its ultimate form in Anantara Si Kao Thailand, with its magnificent views and the ease of access to the beach, forest as well as the city where various wonders await.