Fondly called ‘Vic Market’ or ‘Queen Vic’, the Queen Victoria Market is a refreshing sight in Melbourne. When Melbourne rises her sleepy head every morning, the market comes alive with a wide variety of fresh produce, a stunning amount of organic food items, fresh meat, seafood and even clothes and electronic items. If you are on the lookout for Melbourne accommodation apartments you will find your match in Oaks on William. It is in close proximity to the landmark of the city, the Victoria Market. This vintage beauty that is over a hundred years old, is a place you must visit and explore.

Each hall at the Vic Market holds specific delights. Visit the Deli Hall where you will sense the pungent smell of cheese and dairy products. Dips, pates, preserved meats and even chocolates are on offer in this hall. If the scents of the food become unbearably enticing you can find seating near the Deli Lane where you could sample French, Italian and Turkish pastries.

Piles and piles of organic food could also be found at the Market. The largest amounts of organic food in Melbourne are found in the Vic Market. It is a heavenly sight indeed! Meats as exotic as crocodile flesh could be also found in the area allocated for meats. You will find specialists in delicious pork sausages in this section as well. If you are a vegetarian don’t be dismayed as the market has a superb amount of vegetables and fruits. You can delightfully look upon and purchase the delectable exotic fruits in store.

If you are also in the mood to shop, you can do that too. Clothes, jewellery and cosmetics are found in abundance at the market.

The beauty of the Queen Victoria Market is that it would seem as though you are shopping in a different era, yet you will also buy much more than you can carry.

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