Experience the youthful vibe and a sense of adventure of roaming the ever youthful world of fashion as you step into the The Heeren. What really distinguishes the Hareen from its contemporaries and competitors each standing in staggering sky rising proportions in Orchard Street is its youthful air and ambience and its unfaltering dedication and attention towards that dreamy, fashion conscious group of our society. The kind of music you hear as you step into may be hard rock, or just a lot of metallic jargon but nevertheless enticing, if you can appreciate the modern age music while the retail racks are decked with bold and adventurous but still classy attires and the names of the likes of Levi’s and Venue Lab and Fossil are found in plenty here.

The Hareen is hardly old, having seen its completion in 1997, to be subjected to a further useful extension later on in as late as 2009. The concept by the DP architects of this 14 storey space dedicated to youth fashion and contemporary retail atmosphere is uniquely refreshing with a design that is at once fluid and dynamic, enticing even the pedestrians who have to walk below its engaging glass façade with an angled glass kiosk, an urban veranda and an outer glass rain screen work. The name Hareen actually means ‘Gentleman’ and while the overall ambience is young and funky, the fourth and fifth level also houses some vintage and quaint fashion outlets. Dinning is also as expected an attractive prospect at Hareen with its amazing array of Japanese, American or Korean restaurants offering you authentic mouth watering cuisine fresh out of their kitchen. The Urban Veranda is a great place to hang out with friends and simply catch up on the gossip over a cup of cola or some light snack.

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