Hong Kong; a land whose many wonders draws to its borders planeloads of people year after year. This is the nation where the modern and the majestic mingle bringing about the most profound transformation. Hong Kong has blossomed into a sophisticated flower and the Tsing Ma Bridge with all its might, majesty and glory stands full proof to this in every way.

The Tsing Ma Bridge is a giant ornament in the nation that comes alive in a sequence of twinkling lights illuminating the night sky in the most magnificent way. It is that figure that children will point to in anticipation to visit but more so it is the pride of the nation, an engineering marvel that facilitates a connection and beautifies the country in the most profound manner. The Tsing Ma Bridge is Lantau’s connection to the rest of Hong Kong. The Lantau Island itself is a very attractive part of the nation which boasts an exquisite combination of green and blue. The bridge spans over a distance of just over 2 km and has made the longest suspension bridge in the world that has both rail and road traffic facilities. The Tsing Ma Bridge was open to public in the year 1997 and since then became a favorite local landmark. The name Tsing Ma refers to the two areas that are connected by the bridge; Tsing Yi and Ma Wan. The bridge has some remarkable construction features; in the event for whatever natural reason the six lanes of the bridge had to be shut, the two railway lines and road lanes enclosed below the bridge would still be able to operate perfectly. For the best views of this magnificent bridge try viewing it from the Lantau Link View Point and Visitors Centre located on the island of Tsing Yi.

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