Xishuangbanna is an intriguing Dai prefecture, located in China’s south western corner. Famed for its gorgeous scenery and intriguing mélange of Chinese cultures, it encloses a charming little enclave of rural China. However, the accommodation options here epitomize modern luxury and stylish elegance, and an elite hotel in Yunnan is not hard to find. The Anantara Xishuangbanna Resort & Spa presents a chic option for a hotel Yunnan commends as one of its most elite properties. Take a trek along the unbeaten track and sample the bucolic delights of the Menghun Sunday Market in Xishuangbanna. Sample the sights, sounds and scents of this unique Chinese bazaar as you walk down the aisles that boast ample stretches of fresh vegetables as well as an intriguing array of handicrafts and other trinkets for your souvenirs needs. And if you fancy a bite of something savoury, sweet and local, indulge in the delectable array of treats that lure you in with their appetizing aromas. Don’t forget to have your camera cocked and at the ready, as you will be greeted by the rainbow swathes of locals dressed in the costumes that represent the diverse ethnicities in the region. An authentic aspect of Xishuangbanna’s local sights, the Menghun Sunday Market is not to be missed.

Angela Fernando is an impassioned travel writer who composes pieces under the pen name Sumaira Narayan. She loves writing about new and exciting places around the world and intends to visit them all someday.