Regardless of the budget and preference, the engaging shopper’s markets down Hua Hin will surely serve as a memorable retail experience for those touring Thailand. Lined with curious storefronts with equally vibrant wares, this unique corner of Thailand’s retail landscape is a regular stopover for seasoned visitors by no coincidence. Known as the best place for authentic Thai handicrafts and other cultural trinkets, this one stop shopper’s paradise in the seaside town of Hua Hin guarantees a shopping experience complete with great bargains and high quality goods.

A veritable treasure trove for those in search of home ware and other interior decorating items, the best household ware shops in the town include chic AKA, Chang Thai with its handmade stainless steel tableware and cutlery and the Gaw Gai Shop with its exquisite collection of Thai pottery. Baipoo is also a popular venue for cutlery and all varieties of household goods while the Antique Furniture Supply store offers stunning antiques in a flea market style shopping experience. The Hua Hin Arts & Crafts Centre is another top-pick retailer for paintings, handicrafts, antique furnishings and sculptures while wooden products and various antiques are also on offer at Hua Hin Gallery Orient.

Those in search of beachwear, sarongs and fashion accessories should head down to Hua Hin beach where beach hats and other local fashion items can be purchased at reasonable prices. Mall fanatics on the other hand can walk in to Hua Hin Market Village or The Grand Market where everything from clothes, DVDs, electronics, branded goods and accessories are readily available. The Pae Market however offers an authentic slice of Thai life in a local marketplace with all the trappings.

The House of June and Khomapastr are the town’s top pick designer labels while those in search of precious jewellery can shop to their heart’s desire at Saphira and Sistema. The Hua Hin Night Market is also an experience in itself as this always crowded, vibrant marketplace sells everything from delectable sea food to women’s clothing and accessories.

Travellers in search of Hua Hin luxury hotels on the beachfront will be more than pleased with Anantara Hua Hin, Thailand. Quietly nestled within an expansive property that has been modelled after a traditional Thai village, this elegant rest is one of the finest Hua Hin hotels in Thailand.