Indonesia’s second largest metropolis and capital of East Java is the city of Surabaya. Surabaya is the next most developed city after Jakarta, and is a large commercial and business centre in itself. However, this city is not as busy or frenetic as Jakarta is, and therefore offers a more relaxed and less exhausting experience.

Surabaya is known for being a hot spot amongst the tourists and locals interested in shopping, and since the city in itself is more relaxed and calmer than other parts of Indonesia, Surabaya promises to be a more enjoyable and less tiring shopping experience. Transport within the city is also relatively less complicated here, and therefore one can cover most of the shopping districts in a few days.

Surabaya is known for many items such as clothes, shoes, sandals, cosmetics, jewellery, electronic goods and books, and there are many shops around the city which deal in high quality goods. The shopping culture in the metropolis is not as rigid as that of Jakarta, which means that dealers will be flexible with prices and offer superb deals as well. The shopping districts in this city not only have shops, boutiques, supermarkets and department stores, but also have eateries, cafes, pharmacies and cinemas as well, which make these areas fascinating in many ways. There are also many popular and exclusive shopping malls in Surabaya such as the Royal Plaza Surabaya, Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya Town Square and the City of Tomorrow Mall, which are known for shops with branded items and other clothing, accessories and electronics shops. Most of these malls have their own cafes and restaurants which are popular amongst local teenagers and families. Shopping at Surabaya promises to be a unique experience, as it is much more relaxed and enjoyable than shopping in other parts of Indonesia, and therefore makes it a shopaholic’s paradise.

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