Sketches & Drawings in Sri Lanka

Sketches & Drawings in Sri Lanka | Img Credit : Sri Lankan Art Gallery



During the long rich history of Sri Lanka, there have been exquisite pieces of art showcased in various forms. Whether it is drawings, busts, paintings, sculptures or portraits you still find the witness to creative paintings and drawings in various parts of the country.


Beautiful artistry of ancient Sri Lanka
Some of the best places to still see the beautiful artistry of ancient Sri Lanka are the Buddhist temples in Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura. The Sigiriya rock fortress also displays the ever so popular frescos of ladies locally known as ‘Sigiri Apsarawo which have been well preserved up to date.


Art Galleries
Even though Sri Lanka has a vast history of rich art and culture, the prominence given to art galleries or promoting local artistic talents are still evolving. Websites such as Sri Lankan Art Gallery displays a myriad of Sri Lankan artwork for free throughout the year to a global clientele.


Kala Pola
Once a year, Green Path creates hype with the ‘Kala Pola’ art fair where artists from around the country gather for an open-air art exhibition. You find the works of renowned artists such as George Keyt, Lionel Wendt, Ivan Peiris, and Richard Gabriel also being displayed in this clamour of artistry. This is one of the biggest art exhibitions in the country which is significant not only for the work displayed but also the vast opportunities that it offers budding artists.

Colombo Art Biennale
Art festivals such as the Colombo Art Biennale bring out the best artists to display their work. Many well-known artists and painters from around the world attend the Art Biennale and you can find unique pieces of art displayed during certain exhibitions.





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