If you are a visitor to Adelaide or planning to make your trip to the famed city, there is one place which you must not miss which is a popular icon of Adelaide. The infamous Rundle Mall is the premier retail destination and social gathering place of Adelaide. It is rated as the most popular attraction in the state of South Australia. The gigantic mall is frequented by over 400,000 customers every week and above 23 million visitors annually. Rundle Mall is unique in its ability to boast the largest ever selection of shopping facilities in Adelaide that includes the four leading department stores, 15 arcades and centres, 700 retailers and more than 300 non-retail services and offices. Due to its iconic status and being the most frequented complex in Adelaide, many hotels in Adelaide CBDare conveniently located around Rundle Mall such as the Oaks Horizons.

Rundle Mall precinct is listed as one of the important tourist destinations in Adelaide with over 85% of all interstate and foreign travellers visiting the city definitely setting their foot inside the complex. The Mall compound has a workforce of about 5,000 retail and office workers. Its food court can accommodate 3,000 diners with an extensive and elaborate seating capacity plan in place. The wide range of food on offer to suit any taste and budget makes the food court one of the finest in Adelaide.

Rundle Mall is famous for its exclusive special offers, promotions, raffle draws, spot competitions, special event celebrations with free giveaways and tokens that are held regularly to get the shoppers engaged in its retail activities, to create awareness of its shops, products and services on offer. Most of all these are conducted to provide regular entertainment and a host of free benefits to the shoppers and visitors to the mall. So if you are hoping to make a visit to Adelaide in the near future, make sure you list Rundle Mall on the top of your priorities to be visited during your stay in the famous city.