Shopping is synonymous to Saudi Arabia and is by far the best experience in the country. The cities in Saudi Arabia are packed with a plethora of retail outlets that range from high end stores to tiny boutiques giving you a wholesome shopping experience. If you want to know what you can find in Saudi Arabia try asking What you can’t find here because the answer for that is simple; Nothing. Except of course for alcoholic beverages and pork and pork based products ( which has a religious sanction against it) but other than that everything else is available which tempts you to just shop till you drop.

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia is the primary shopping city in the country. The city caters to all kinds of tastes and the products actually come at a rather affordable price with optimum quality. For clothes, shoes and accessories the malls are the best place to try out. In regions like Olaya you do find individual designer outlets but malls generally give you an overall shopping experience which you can choose from according to your budget. Places like Shola and Al Akharia are more common among middle class shoppers and for those interested in more designer wear, don’t miss the Kingdom Towers and Faisaliah which not only has some of the finest shopping experiences but are also well equipped with your favourite bakeries and eateries combined with a classy ambience giving you an overall pleasant experience. If you are looking for whole sale items then there is Bathha; here you can find things for cheap prices which can be easily purchased in Bulk. For all those Gold lovers, Saudi Arabia is like striking a gold mine. Places like Dheeraiyya and Battha have huge ‘souks’ or markets solely dazzling with endless Gold. Here you can choose from the array of designs which are sold at 21k at rather competitive prices. Try your bargaining skills, you may hit some luck.

Makkah is another city, popular for Gold shopping. To fully enjoy the city and the religious places of interest found within its borders stay at the Raffles Makkah Palace. This Makkah Hotel is perfectly located in close proximityto all the highlights of the city making it one of the most popular Hotels in Makkah.