Macau, now a special administrative region of China was formerly a colony of Portugal. Centuries of Portuguese administration have created the unique culture of the region which is a unique blend of Western and native elements.
No trip to Macau would be complete without sampling the delicious cuisine on offer in the multitude of excellent restaurants to be found in the locality. The culinary options include typical Macanese, Chinese Guangdong, Portuguese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, African and American cuisine as well as the specialties of other Western countries.
Naturally pride of place goes to the traditional Macanese cuisine which is unique and distinct from any other culinary style. Centuries ago Portuguese merchants brought food items like curry, capsicum, shrimp paste and pickles to the locality. When these exotic culinary elements were blended with the local seafood and vegetables the natives created the unmistakable tastes of the gastronomic arts of the area.

There are several distinctive dishes which present the best of Macau’s gastronomic offerings. Perhaps its best known dish is bacalhau, or codfish. Slices of dried codfish, brought over from Portugal, are prepared in different ways, being grilled, baked, boiled and stewed. It is served with rice, seafood or in the form of fried balls. Many local restaurants serve this distinctive dish.

Linguado Macau are tender fresh soles which are fried and accompanied by cheese, green salad, shrimps and other kinds of seafood. Meanwhile Galinha Portuguesa is tender chicken, oven baked with onions, potatoes, saffron, egg and curry. 
Not to be missed is the special African chicken which makes use of African as well as Indian cooking styles employing exotic spices. The chicken is seasoned with a tangy sauce made from capsicum and garlic and then oven baked.
Another highlight is the Paella – Portuguese style seafood with rice. The dish features chicken and rabbit in addition to the seafood, with green and red peppers, garlic, olive oil and saffron. Visitors should also sample the stir-fried clams with garlic and Portuguese herbs.
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